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Sony PS4 price may be cut during Q4, according to an analyst

The Sony PS4 is without a doubt the best gaming console out there, and it could be a little more affordable in the future. That's according to GamingBolt, which interviewed Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

Sony PS4 Price in USA

He says that the Japanese electronics giant could cut the price of the PS4, to compete with the recently announced Microsoft Xbox One X, and also with the Nintendo Switch.

The Sony PlayStation 4, announced in September 2016, currently retails for $299 (PS4 Slim 1TB), while the PS4 Pro 1TB costs $399. The PS4 Pro is already $100 cheaper than the Xbox One X, which has been priced at $499. But Pachter predicts that the Sony PS4 price will drop to $249, and the PS4 Pro will drop to $349. This $50 price cut for the PS4, is a very good move attract more gamers towards Sony's console. This is not the first time Pachter has predicted this, as he did so earlier before the Xbox One X was announced.

Sony PS4 Price in India

Whether this price cut will be a reality, or if it will ever be available for India, will only be answered in Q4 2017, aka the holiday season, just in time to tackle the Xbox One X when it is available for purchase. The Sony PS4 Slim 1TB  (bundled with 5 games) retails for about Rs.31,000 in India, which is around $481. A $50 price cut could make the PS4 available for Rs. 28,000, but Sony only reduces the price of the PS4 in India, to match its European pricing. Sony had previously announced that it would consider changing the prices in India, post the implementation of GST. And with the Sony PS5 expected to launched in 2018, a price cut for the PS4 looks all the more likely.