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Xbox One Scorpio could be priced at $399, might force PS4 Pro price drop to $249

Microsoft's upcoming game console, the Xbox One Scorpio, will have a very attractive feature to get more buyers. And that would be the price tag.

Project Scorpio

According to analyst Michael Pachter, from Wedbush Securities,  Microsoft will be pricing the Xbox One Scorpio at $399, which is just around Rs. 25,000. The reason behind thispossible move, is quite simple.

Microsoft cannot lock itself out of the market, by pricing the console high. So, to avoid this, Pachter predicts that the Xbox One Scorpio will be priced less than what the Xbox One costed at launch. Additionally, he says this will force Xbox’s major rival, Sony, to slash the price of its PlayStation 4 Pro to stay in the competition. To be precise, his prediction is that the PS4 Pro price will drop to $249, which is about Rs. 16,000. And in order to make this irresistible, Sony could offer PS Plus and other digital services in a bundled offer with the PS4 Pro.

But Pachter warns that if Microsoft prices the Xbox One Scorpio at $499 or higher, Sony won't have to slash its PS4 prices. Microsoft is expected to announce the Xbox One Scorpio at E3 2017, in an event which is scheduled 30 hours before Sony's event, giving the latter plenty of time to decide how to compete with the new console.

Whether this will impact the Indian gaming market is difficult to predict, as Microsoft did not launch the Xbox one S here. Even if the Xbox One Scorpio is launched here, the Dollar to Rupee conversion, and import duties, etc could play a major factor, resulting in a higher price.

Sony treats India as part of its Europe and Middle East market, so we can expect a similar pricing to what the other markets get.

via NDTV