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How to update the BIOS in ASUS Motherboard PCs

With the Spectre and Meltdown issue affecting virtually every Intel, AMD and ARM based motherboards out there, users are worried over the security of their computers. Microsoft is rolling out updates to fix the issue, but that alone won’t do it. You also need to download the latest BIOS updateRead More →

  Recently I have received the Amazon Echo dot (India), here are the instructions on how to set it up. First of all you need to install the Amazon Alexa application on your device. iOS users can get from here and Android users can get it from here. I willRead More →

How to change Wakeup word for Amazon Echo, that is the name you are using to address the device. By default the wakeup word will be “Alexa”. You can change it to any of the following Echo, Amazon and Computer. You may need to change this because the pronunciation isRead More →

So, in case you are in the market for a new phone, and are confused by which phone to buy, here are some tips. It is a long read, so don’t expect a TL;dr. Basic tips: 1. Brand name – Check if the brand is popular in your Country. TheRead More →

If you have a PS4 and have been playing a game making progress towards 100% completion, or to simply finish the game, you should know that it is important to have a backup of your game saves. This is to ensure you don’t lose the progress on the game, soRead More →