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Muzei –Live wallpaper from the developer of dashclock

Muzei–Live wallpaper

Roman Nurik is the developer of famous android widget Dashclock wich will display the clock and also the the information such as missed calls, unread SMS, to do list etc. It can also get connected to third party applications. So if you want your app information to be added with dash clock you can do that.


Muzei is a Live Wallpaper application from Roman Nurik, which will display world famous art works as your wallpaper, and it will change everyday. This application will also allow you to choose your own photos to set as wallpapers and change them everyday.


It allows you to set the Blur and Dim the wallpaper so that the icons will be visible better.


Muzei is a russian word with meaning Museum and the art works used on this application will be selected by their staff from


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This Live wallpaper is an open source one (get the code from here), which offers an APi which will help developers to build their on Live wallpapers.


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Muzei–Live wallpaper from the developer of dashclock