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Muzei –Live wallpaper from the developer of dashclock

Roman Nurik is the developer of famous android widget Dashclock wich will display the clock and also the the information such as missed calls, unread SMS, to do list etc. It can also get connected to third party applications. So if you want your app ... [More]

Create Live wallpaper from Gif

Do you want to create a Live wallpaper for your android devices from a Gif file ? it is simple, you need two things for this 1.  GIF Frame Extractor from Evan’s Web Site, This will help you to extract the frames of a gif and save them as P... [More]

Free Valentines Day Live Wallpapers for Android

1. KF Hearts Live Wallpaper A beautiful live wallpaper for your android device for this valentines day.  Get it free from Play store 2. Valentines Day Live Wallpaper Falling Snowflakes, listening to the love music, Pierce the hearts on ... [More]