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How to Use a Business Name Generator


A business name generator is one of the most helpful and accessible innovations for new entrepreneurs in the digital age. It may seem intimidating to a beginner, but it can become the kickstart your business needs once you learn ‘How to Overcome Your Fear of Technology’. The generator has many advantages, and its free nature makes it so that you can play around with it as you figure out how things work. The process is very simple, so read on to learn exactly how to use a business name generator.

How to Use the Business Name Generator

For this tutorial, you’ll be learning how to use the business name generator tool on Namechk. It is the most robust variation of the tool on the internet and it’s very beginner-friendly because it is browser-based, comprehensive, and free to use. Additionally, entrepreneurs can make use of its integrated availability checker that ensures that no existing business name will be suggested to them.

Finding the Generator


You can get to the generator by simply opening up your browser and visiting If you aren’t able to open the link, you can also enter “business name generator namechk” on your search engine of choice.

Generating Your Results

1. Once you are at the generator, you just type your input on the generator’s search bar. You can use any starting keyword you like, whether it’s your product, industry, or any word that is relevant to your goals.


2. Make sure to check the CAPTCHA box for verification, and then press the magnifying glass to start generating.


3. Within seconds, you should be able to get your results from the generator. It will frontload the most relevant results first, checking for availability to filter out duplicates from its suggestions. Any additional words added come from its algorithm to see what keywords work best for different industries.


4. Once you’ve got your list of results, you can also favorite any options that stand out to you so can check back on them right away during your selection process. This is also a helpful reference if you are unable to register the name right away.


How to Do an Advanced Search with the Business Name Generator

You can also be more specific with your approach. The tool has an Advanced Search function that lets you choose up to 10 top-level domains (TLDs) before generating results. This can help you customize your domain to hit a certain target market right off the bat. After all, great branding and a credible website are some of the best ways to Market Your Product When It Is Not Best of Class.

1. First, click the “Advanced Search” option on the lower right of the search bar to expand the TLD options.


2. Once you expand this section, you can then choose your TLDs from a massive selection. Simply tick the boxes of the TLDs you want to include in the generator’s filters. After checking off the ones you like, just press the search button as you would the standard method.


How to Get a Domain from the Business Name Generator’s Results

If you look at the results page of the business name generator, you’ll see that each suggestion also comes with a matching domain. Data from Statista reveals that the most popular and trusted domains in the world are still .com, .org, and .net. This is why the generator will prioritize available domain options that are attached to a .com TLD.

1. Click on the bar under the suggested name that allows you to “buy [your chosen generated name]”.


2. Once you click the link, you should be directed to, a trusted domain registration and buying platform. Here, you’ll see your domain automatically added to your cart. If the exact option you want is somehow unavailable, you will also see a selection of other TLDs. From here, you just need to check out your domain and choose any optional add-ons you might want, like business emails that match your domain, website-building tools, web hosting, SSL certificates, and security plans.



Other Specific Name Generators

You can also use the name generator to create usernames for gamer tags, podcasts and other social media. For instance, if you want to expand your brand on major platforms, you can delete any old Instagram accounts you have that may conflict with your current project and use the generator to check availability across all platforms.

1. To find these other options, simply press the burger menu on the upper right side of the website.


2. This will expand to show you the available generators you can choose from. Once you spot the one you want to use, just click on it and you will automatically be directed to that specific generator.