Windows Live Writer is one of the most famous desktop blog-publishing application developed by Microsoft as a part of Windows Live products. The application is released on 2007 and there were updated available since 2012, but for the last 3 years there are no upgrades are available for this product,Read More →

Geekiest.Net is using BlogEngine.NET from the beginning itself as the blogging platform. I selected this because it is an open source C# project and I believed I can change code if I want to tweak a bit. Earlier I used to create themes for it too. I also wrote fewRead More →

BlogEngine.NET is an open source blogging platform developed in C#.  The latest version 3.0 released with many new featuresd like auto update,  Custom front page etc.  If you use BlogEngine as your blogging platform it is time to upgrade your version. What is new in Version 3.0 Auto update –Read More →

Earlier we posted about the 2.9 beta version of BlogEngine released the final version of 2.9. (We will be upgrading to 2.9 soon by the way) What’s new in 2.9 Admin UI redesigned using latest Bootstrap framework. New standard theme, also Bootstrap based, standards compliant with clean and beautifulRead More →

BlogEngine.Net released beta of its latest version 2.9. BlogEngine is an open source blogging platform written in C#. We are using it for this blog.  One of the main advantage is that you do not need a database like MySql or SQL server to use this (you can use themRead More →

if you are using BlogEngine.NET for your blog and you are using the related posts control, you may need this. Normally BlogEngine will decide the related posts from the body and heading, but it may not display related posts accurate on all posts, so the following change will display relatedRead More →

We have just completed the Upgrading of our blogging platform to the latest BlogEngine.NEt version I just updated an Extension which I wrote earlier to display the share buttons for Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook to include the Pinterest. So now the extension will display 4 buttons below yourRead More →

BlogEngine released version 2.5 yesterday. Which is having many interesting changes. Geekiest.Net is using blogEngine as its blogging platform.  BlogEngine.NET is an open source blogging project developed using C# BlogEngine.NET is a full featured blogging platform that is a breeze to setup, customize, and use. A small download and easyRead More →