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BlogEngine.NET version 3.0 released

BlogEnginedotNET version 3 released

BlogEngine.NET is an open source blogging platform developed in C#.  The latest version 3.0 released with many new featuresd like auto update,  Custom front page etc.  If you use BlogEngine as your blogging platform it is time to upgrade your version.

What is new in Version 3.0

Auto update – You can upgrade your blogEngine version with just one click, if you are using version 3.0 or higher.

Multiple Post editors – You can change the post editors, BlogEngine comes with Summernote, TinyMCE and Bootstrap. To change use your favorite editor you can change the Web.Config file.

File Manager – Upload files and manage them using file manager and select these files you can use the file picker option from post editor. The File manager supports Directories too.

Custom Front Page – You can set a front page so that it will load instead of post lists when users come to your home page.

You can read more about the changes here, with the auto upgrade the new version seems to be a must.

We use a custom version of BlogEngine, with our own edits and tweaks, so believe that the auto update will not help us much. Will be updating the version soon.