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BlogEngine 2.9 released

BlogEngine 2.9 released

Earlier we posted about the 2.9 beta version of BlogEngine released the final version of 2.9. (We will be upgrading to 2.9 soon by the way)

What's new in 2.9

Admin UI redesigned using latest Bootstrap framework.

New standard theme, also Bootstrap based, standards compliant with clean and beautiful design that is easy to extend and pleasure to use.

Improvements to theme layouts (separate single post and page templates, navigation template and more)

New light-weight JavaScript based post editor

New admin UI runs on AngularJS and SPA (single page) application model

ASP.NET Web API and Repository Pattern on the back-end

Technical requirements

.NET framework 4.5

Visual Studio 2012/2013 to work with code (express is fine)

IIS 7 and up, integrated mode

Full trust for website in IIS. Mix or .NET 4.0 and 4.5 assemblies still require full trust, we keep looking into options to get it down to medium but it is harder than we estimated initially.

Support for Razor (web pages). MVC not required, but installing it is a simplest way to have Razor configured with IIS

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