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Automatic internal links for BlogEngine.Net

Automatic internal links for BlogEngine.Net

Geekiest.Net is using BlogEngine.NET from the beginning itself as the blogging platform. I selected this because it is an open source C# project and I believed I can change code if I want to tweak a bit. Earlier I used to create themes for it too. I also wrote few plugins too.

Now I wanted to create automatic internal links based on category or tags. When searched for it I was not able to find a plug-in or extension for BlogEngine. There are plugins available for WordPress.

So I decided to write one of mine. The functionality is simple

Created words and corresponding links, the plug-in will link the words to the corresponding link (can be category, tags or even a single post).

First issue I faced was when using regular expression it will replace text inside links, image tags etc. Anyway I have solved it (I don’t believe it is the right way). So if I found a better way , I will publish this.

The plug-in is running on this site now. If you want this plug-in leave a message with your email and website address.

Just finished coding and implemented it, it may take few days to test it completely.

If any one can help me with a better regular expression to find the perfect match please leave a comment or leave a message using the contact page.

So comparing WordPress and BlogEngine.NET it is WordPress as it have so many themes and plug-ins available for free.