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BlogEngine 2.9 Beta is available

blogengine 2-9 beta logo

BlogEngine.Net released beta of its latest version 2.9.

BlogEngine is an open source blogging platform written in C#. We are using it for this blog.  One of the main advantage is that you do not need a database like MySql or SQL server to use this (you can use them too but). It works fine on XML.

The new version will be running on framework 4.5, and to work with code you will need Visual studio 2012 or higher versions. You can download and use Free express edition of Visual studio.

What is New

Completely redesigned admin UI based on Bootstrap framework.

New standard theme, also Bootstrap based, with clean and beautiful design that is easy to extend and modify

Improvements to theme layouts (separate single post and page templates, navigation template etc)

New light-weight admin editor

Admin UI uses AngularJS and SPA (single page application) techniques to talk to back-end

Added some order to the chaos with ASP.NET Web API and Repository Pattern


IIS 7 and up, integrated mode

Full trust for website in IIS

Note: Remember , this is beta version and may contain bugs. Test well before you update.

Here you can read more and here is how to upgrade your existing BlogEngine installation to 2.9