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Windows Live Writer is open source now as Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is open source now as Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is one of the most famous desktop blog-publishing application developed by Microsoft as a part of Windows Live products. The application is released on 2007 and there were updated available since 2012, but for the last 3 years there are no upgrades are available for this product, even though it is still one of the best FREE application available in the market now. We are using this product for blogging from the first version itself. We also wrote some plug-ins for the application and shared on the site.

Now the Live writer goes open source and the new website for the Open Live Writer (It will be the new name of this application). The available version of Open Live writer is 0.5. Compared to the existing Windows Live writer 2012, new version removed the Spell checking, Blog This API and the "Albums" feature.

If you are interested in this application you can read more and get the application from Open Live writer is an independent application, so even if you install this application you will be able to use the Windows Live writer with out any issues.

Open Live Writer is NOT a Microsoft product. It is an open source project under the .NET Foundation and is managed and coded by volunteers. Some of the volunteers work for Microsoft and are doing this work in their spare time.

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