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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Technology

Changes in technology are always occurring and it can be scary to embrace these advancements and try to keep up. All of these new and improved ways of living and working may be stirring up a sense of fear in you, instead of excitement.

Don’t feel bad or ashamed if this is you and you’re a bit nervous to get more involved with technology. It’s a challenging subject matter that you should accept isn’t always easy for people to grasp. What you want to stay away from is giving up on yourself and acting like it doesn’t affect you because at some point it will. Use the following tips to help you get past your fear of technology and start to actually enjoy it.

Assess the Situation

There’s a reason you’re feeling fearful about technology, therefore it’s worth spending some time figuring out what that is if you want to address the underlying issue. You may not even know what’s causing you the most anxiety when it comes to technology. It could be the learning stage, actually using it or thinking that you might break it that’s holding you back. Write down exactly which area is giving you the most concern and why you think that is and then start to problem solve ways for how you can get past these hesitations. You won’t know how to proceed or which path to head down if you’re unsure of what it is you’re so afraid of. Spend some time going over the different components and pinpoint the aspects that are causing you discomfort.

Play around with it

Probably the most practical and easiest way for you to overcome your fear of technology is to bring more of it into your days. The act of playing and messing around with technology will help you see it’s not so scary after all. Take out your phone and begin downloading new apps and doing research on the Internet. Test out using one of the online television streaming services and see how great it is to be able to get the shows you want to watch at a decent price. The more you experience it the less intimidating it’ll be when you come across it in other areas of your life. Spend your free time discovering more and then use the skills you learn while dabbling in it when at your job.

Take Classes & Learn new Skills

Go back to school or take a few classes to help you get better acquainted with technology and all it has to offer. Take advantage of miniprestamos to help finance your venture and truly invest in what it is you’re setting out to do. This is a great way to start absorbing new knowledge and then putting yourself to the test to see if you’re able to retain it. You may even meet people who are also interested in learning more and who you can turn to should you have questions in the future. Brush up on your skills, and you’ll feel less anxious when faced with technology in your everyday life.

Find A Mentor

Never underestimate the power of a mentor and what they can do for you. Find someone who is very knowledgeable with technology and ask them if they wouldn’t mind teaching you a few tips and tricks. Overcome your fear of technology by soaking up information from a person who works with it all the time and is happy to share their understanding of the subject matter with you. Meet with this mentor often and come prepared to ask questions and collect information about what you don’t completely comprehend. Not only talk, but also get hands-on with the technology and start exploring all of the benefits and why they like it so much.

Educate yourself

There’s no shortage of data and information out there around technology, but you have to be willing to do your homework and research the topic further if you want to reduce your fear. Informally educate yourself about technology on a regular basis and notice how your hesitations quickly dissipate. There are a lot of online resources and blogs you can explore further or head to your local library and check out books on the topic. Education is what’s going to help you feel more comfortable with technology and not be so afraid of it when you’re faced with it throughout your days. Be proactive and take the initiative to get answers to all your questions and better understand the evolution of technology and why so many people find it interesting.

Research the Advantages

You’ll grow to like the idea of technology more when you review all of the advantages that come with using it. Think about how it helps businesses innovate and grow, allows you to have smarter solutions and gadgets in your home and aids you in connecting with others on a regular basis. See all the good that comes from it and the positives and you’ll likely be more accepting of the matter in general. You’ll reduce any fear you’re feeling when you’re able to challenge your assumptions and criticism with these advantages. Think about how it’s advancing medicine and curing diseases and helping people live longer if you want to have a truly life-changing moment with the idea of technology.

Stay Calm

Freaking out over every little standoff with technology will only make you feel more inclined not to want to deal with it in your life. Overcome your fear of technology by not letting yourself get too worked up over the topic. Stay calm when using it and don’t let it bring out the worst in you. While there will be times that these new innovations will frustrate you, don’t let your emotions get the best of you and cause you to completely write it off because of one bad experience. Technology will push you to your limits and challenge you, but remember to keep your composure and be confident you’re smart enough to work through the kinks. Face your fears and practice remaining in a relaxed state as you experiment, learn and investigate new ways of living and completing your daily tasks at work.

Know you’re not Alone

You’ll become less fearful when you admit to yourself that you’re not alone in the struggle to better understand technology. Reach out and find others who feel the same way you do and share what’s on your mind and why you believe you have this distress. There are online communities you can join and opportunities to connect with others who are in your shoes too. Stop beating yourself up because you’re not up to speed with the latest trends and notice how many others out there are experiencing the same apprehensions. Find people at work who are also new to technology and have a lot of questions just like you. Avoid isolating yourself and letting your fear increase and get stronger because you’re choosing to hide instead of be vulnerable in this type of situation.

Learn how to Accept Change

What probably has you the most upset and discouraged when it comes to learning about technology, is that it’s always changing. The foundation of these innovations is change, and this can be scary for many people. It’s difficult to keep up with continuous modifications and understand the latest trends when you’re still trying to comprehend last year’s big advancements. Get more comfortable with change and you’ll likely notice that your fear of technology begins to subside. Accept the fact that you’ll always be growing and adapting to new and improved ways of living and working. Get excited about the idea of these changes bringing more joy and ease to your life.

Make it A Habit to Seek it out

Choose to make finding out more about technology a habit and it won’t feel so cumbersome on a regular basis. Seek it out each day and always be challenging yourself to take in new information and applying technology solutions to what it is you’re doing. Don’t brush it aside for months and then decide to pick it up one day and feel good about it. It should be a constant occurrence for you and you’ll likely encounter fewer difficulties with technology as time goes on. Your fear will quickly fade because technology will soon become second nature to you and you won’t feel so worried when dealing with it. Become the expert in this area and then you can share and guide others regarding what you know as you improve your skills.


Fear can be very debilitating, so it’s worth your time and energy to work through whatever it is that’s making you feel stuck. Technology is one area that’s exciting and interesting, but it can also be very challenging to understand. Use these suggestions for getting yourself more familiar with the topic and allowing your anxieties to dissolve slowly. Have fun with it and remember to always keep in control should it give you any problems along the way.