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Six Essential Business Tools to Ease the Operations

Six Essential Business Tools to Ease the Operations

A business owner should always take time to research and implement new tools into the workforce to improve the effectiveness of their employees. The initial investment into new tools may come at a cost which seems intimidating when adding them to the books but if the owner is able to understand and see the long-term potential they begin to show their true value.

For example:

·  Going paperless to make information gathering extremely efficient and quick

·  Using VoIP communications to track, schedule, and create reports for sales/customer service

·  Implementing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to provide flexibility in workflow

The Web is a treasure trove of SaaS (Software as a Service) and access to programs/apps which can cut down time investments on tasks/projects, improve communication, foster strategies to improve sales, and all-around make a proficient and enjoyable work environment.

Let’s take a look at six that should be present in any small business today:

·  LegalZoom – A law professional on retainer would be fantastic for all businesses but at their costs it doesn’t easily fit within the budget for many small businesses. Services like LegalZoom come to the rescue. With LegalZoom you can create any number of important business documents without having much knowledge on the full spectrum of topics from creating advertising agreements to copyright assignments. The use of this service quickly streamlines the muck that is legal you have to handle with operating a business.

·  Asure Software – Human resources is an integral part of operating a business efficiently and preventing any wrongdoing. The human resource management services by Asure Software is a fantastic launching point to take the HR department digital. Through detailed reports the HR rep will be able to screen applicants, monitor employee well-being, manage tax/payroll, and all those areas you most likely don’t want to be held back on so you may continue to work on the big goals and know the business is finding and handling its employees the best it can.

·  HubSpot – HubSpot has made its name for itself for being one of the go-to services for CRM, marketing, and sales. The platform is rich in features and comes packed with informative tutorials to maximize your business growth. The marketing service of the platform, in particular, is great for small businesses because it gives them a taste of the important factors in getting found and creating the sale such as implementing great SEO strategies, email marketing campaigns, and conversion optimization. The platform is rather large but if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for business growth you’re in the right place.

·  SellBrite – SellBrite is a nifty service that is quite perfect for those businesses that want to expand their product reach. The service allows you to work through a single dashboard so that you may upload products to a number of ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and more. The ability to manage inventory, track sales, and generate reports when using these platforms directly translates to a greater opportunity for sales.

·  Zoho – SalesForce may often be the first name that comes to mind when you think customer relationship management but for a small business it can be quite intimidating because the sheer number of features that are likely to go unused. Zoho, on the other hand, has a very modern, streamlined platform for CRM which means customer service reps will hit the ground running. The inclusion of this type of service in your business will truly show when you’re able to provide a new, higher level of customer satisfaction and opportunities for repeat business.

·  Udemy – An educated workforce is one that will always stay ahead of the curve, bring new opportunities to the business, improve client relationships, and ultimately grow as an individual. Udemy offers a service for businesses which collects over 1,800+ courses across a wide array of topics which employees (and you) could use to improve their understanding of their tasks and the industry. Empower and encourage your workers to take time to learn or improve their skills and they will bring that back into the fold. Together you’ll grow and with it so will the business.

Have you got on board with SaaS and/or Web platforms that significantly increase employee productivity, sales, and satisfaction? Please share your suggestions with a comment.