When I tried to connect to my FTP site using FileZilla, it was showing a connection timed out error. Here is the error I was getting Error:    Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivityError:    Could not connect to server I changed the timed out seconds to 40 seconds fromRead More →

The things you should consider while purchasing products online, earlier we had a post about the topic “Are you buying products online ?” in which we have discussed about how you can get discounts. Here we are discussing about some other points. Compare the prices with other websites When youRead More →

Google had a feature which allowed users to change the background image of the search page. This feature is discontinued by Google now. If you want to set a background, you can do it on the Firefox and Chrome using add-ons. How to change Google background image Chrome Use theRead More →

Nokia has launched a website which will guide users, on how to use a Windows Phone. The website is called, Nokia Emulator, and has a series of videos which explains the different functions of the Windows Phone OS. You can use the website to learn how to Personalize the homeRead More →