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Enhanced Steam: An add-on for Firefox and Chrome which adds many features to the Steam Website

Steam is the number one digital game distribution service in the World, there is no question about that.



And we have already told you, how to find the best gaming deals online.

Today, we are going to tell you how to improve the browsing experience on the Steam website with a simple browser add-on called Enhanced Steam. No it is not a new website, and you will not find any button for Enhanced Steam as it is not a feature in the browser, rather it changes the way the Steam website is displayed on your browser, by adding many useful options.

Enhanced Steam has the following features:

Game DLCs, Descriptions and other useful info:

  • Games and DLCs which you own will be highlighted, so you can skip them and move on to view other content.
  • It also highlights games on your wishlist, so you don't miss your favorite games.
  • It also displays a red banner to signify if a game has a third-party DRM (like Uplay, Tag├Ęs).
  • The add-on also adds information about the downloadable content (DLC) for each game's listing.
  • If you ever come across a new game, you can easily check if it is popular thanks to the Metacritic Score that Enhanced Steam displays on every game's page.
  • Some older games may not support Widescreen resolutions by default, and very often you may have to manually edit some settings to play it on your widescreen monitor. Enhanced Steam displays whether the game supports widescreen with certification badges from Wide Screen Gaming Forum.
  • Steam's homepage is a great way to find deals and new games, but you have to manually visit a game's page to read the description. The Enhanced Steam add-on displays the game description right below it, on the homepage.
  • Enhanced Steam adds checkboxes for games which come with multiple DLCs, using which you can select just what you want.




Game prices, discounts, pricing history and emptying the cart

  • Enhanced Steam displays the actual discount for a game bundle, which contains a game you already own. It also displays the pricing history for every game, using the database from IsThereAnyDeal (which we recommended in out guide linked above). This will help you decide whether to buy the game or to wait for the game's price to drop.
  • Enhanced Steam also displays how much you money you have spent on Steam. You can quickly remove all items from your Steam cart with a click of the mouse, by clicking the Empty cart button.
  • If you buy multiple copies of games (like a 4-pack) to gift it to friends or family, you can easily find out how much each copy costs thanks to the add-on, which adds the information in the price section.
  • The addon can show regional pricing for games on steam and also converts the price to your local currency, and displays whether the converted price is an  increase or decrease on the original price.

The Enhanced Steam browser add-on also comes with a slew of features for the Steam community forums, hit the link below and you will find more info about it at the help page.

Enhanced Steam does not require Firefox to be restarted. You can install, enable or disable it, without quitting the browser.

Download the Enhanced Steam add-on for Firefox and Chrome from the official website. It is an invaluable addition to Steam users.