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Twitter Bug - increase the number of followers

twitter bug

Twitter have bug, which you can use to increase the number of followers you have. This bug allows you to increase the followers count when ever you are hitting the follow button from another account multiple times.

What you have to do is

Login to another twitter account

Open the twitter handle (where you need to increase the follower count)

Just click the follow button multiple times (follow/Unfollow)

The count will increase

See the images below


twitter follower before


twitter follower after

If you don’t want to click manually you can use JavaScript which is described here, This is the blog of Karnesh Mehra who reported this bug.

The followers count will be reset to the correct count after few hours. Also when you are unfollowing it is showing the exact followers count.

twitter follower after unfollow

You can use this just to increase the followers count for some hours only.