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What is ig story viewer and reasons to use this service

Sometimes we don’t want to reveal our identity, especially when we are trying to stalk our ex-partners Instagram or when we want to analyze the content of our business competitors. There is a way to watch Instagram stories and stay anonymous. [More]

Ello - An Ad-Free Social Network

Ello is a new social media network. The main difference between other social media websites are it is completely advertisement free. As of now this is an invite only one. Ello also offers you better privacy as your personal details will not be sold t... [More]

BubbleNews – Earn from your posts, share and like

Here is a new social media website. This website is having a lot difference than the other ones like Facebook. The most important thing is that they share the revenue to the users. And you can redeem your earnings when you reach USD 50. You will earn... [More]

IFTTT–Android Application

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an automation service which allow you to connect between your Twitter, G+, Facebook and many more.  Each “This” and “That” combination is known as a recipe.  IFTTT Android application is available on the Android... [More]