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Steam Summer Sale 2017 date leaked

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 date has been leaked, as someone decided to jump the gun before Valve made an official announcement, and posted the notice, which was originally sent to game developers and intended to help them prepare for the sale.

Steam Summer Sale 2017 date leaked 2

It is the time when gamers rejoice, as the discounts are almost upon us. So, when exactly is the sale starting?

Steam Summer Sale 2017 date leaked

According to the screenshot, seen above, the Steam Summer Sale 2017 will start on June 22nd, and run until July 5th. Please take this with a pinch of salt, as the leak maybe wrong.

But, in comparison, the Steam Summer Sale 2016 was held from June 22nd to July 4th, so it is not exactly a surprise that the dates are similar.

So, prepare your wallets and your back log of course, for some steep discounts. As always, our advice is to add games to your wishlist, compare the prices on Steamdb (recommended for Indian gamers), as it shows the historical low for regional prices, or Isthereanydeal (for a history of the US prices). More on how to find the best game deals online, at our previous post. And make sure to use idlegamer to get all your trading cards, and sell them to gain Steam Wallet credits. You never know how much you will be saving with those.

via PC Gamer, reddit