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Steam Halloween Sale 2017 date leaked along with Autumn Sale and Winter Sale dates

The Steam Halloween Sale 2017 date has been leaked by not 1 but three developers, according to Kotaku. If you are like me waiting for the price of some games to drop, now is the time.

Steam Halloween Sale 2017 Date Autumn Winter

Well, now as in a week from today that is. The Steam Halloween Sale 2017 will start on October 26th and will run through the week till November 1st.

And that's not all, the Steam Autumn Sale 2017 date has also been leaked, along with the Steam Winter Sale 2017 date. The Steam Autumn Sale 2017 begins on November 22nd and ends on November 28th. The Steam Winter Sale 2017 will start on December 21st of this year, and run till January 4th of 2018.

How to get the best Steam deals:

Start preparing for the sales by adding games to your wishlist. For Indian gamers, we have a tip which can save you more money. Steam's regional pricing in India is very fair, and is the cheapest way to get games from. Go to and search for the games you want, and select your Country's currency. Observe the historical lowest price for each game, and scroll down the game's listing to see a chart of the recent price changes.

How to get the best Steam deals

How to get the best Steam deals 2

Some games tend to drop their prices only once or twice a year, during the said sales. For example: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain only goes on sale during the Autumn, Winter and Summer sales.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it won't go on sale during the Halloween sale, but if doesn't you will know why.

Also note down the discount patterns, if a game's price is not the historically lowest, the chart will be useful to see why. Usually, the Steam Summer Sale and the Winter Sale offer the best prices.

Look out for “bundles” and “complete your collection” options on game pages on Steam, as you could save more money by buying the game in a bundle, than buying it separately. Gamers from the US, UK, and Europe can use for comparing the prices of games across various stores, and also see the price history on Steam.