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Solomon's Keep Android version of the dual stick RPG released for free

The Android version of Solomon's Keep, the popular iOS game, has been officially released on Google Play. The game was released for iOS on 2010, and was recently updated to 64-bit for iOS 11.

Solomon's Keep Android version released

That should tell you how popular it is. Solomon's Keep is similar to Diablo and Torchlight, but is not a true RPG or hack and slash, it is more of a dual stick shooter with elements from RPG such as upgrading and choosing skills.Solomon's Keep Android version level up

Solomon's Keep Android version inventory

You play as Sirius the Wizard, who has to rid the sorcerer Solomon Dark, from his Keep.

Solomon's Keep Android version 

The graphics are not HD, but neither is it pixelated. It looks cartoony with a darkish look, and quite good. It actually looks great on phones and tablets.

Solomon's Keep Android version graphics 

Solomon's Keep Android version enemies

But is the gameplay which is more important, and Solomon's Keep entertains well with nice loot, battles, and good use of humour at times. The controls are very easy, and you have an in-game map for navigating the areas.

Solomon's Keep Android version GUI

Solomon's Keep Android version map

The game has ads which you can watch for gold (from the store in town). You can be disable ads with an optional one time IAP of Rs. 260.

Solomon's Keep Android version IAP

Download Solomon’s Keep for free from Google Play.

Solomon's Boneyard, the sequel to Solomon's Keep will be coming to Android too. The developer, Raptisoft, is currently working on updating the game for iOS 11.