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Junk Jack PC version released on Steam, Android version in the works

Junk Jack, Pixbits' popular sandbox action adventure iOS game, is now available for cpmputers. The game which was in early access for a few months on Steam, was officially released over the weekend.

Junk Jack Steam

Call it whatever you want, 2D Minecraft, sidescrolling Minecraft, Junk Jack is actually very similar to Terraria, which also made its debut in 2011, thought it was released before Junk Jack. Though both games offer a lot of crafting, combat, etc, the latter offers a bit more perhaps, with its variery of biomes and weather effects, some of which are specific to the biome you are in.

Junk Jack PC version

Compared to Terraria, Junk Jack is simpler, and easier to pick up. Interestingly, Junk Jack made its debut on touch screen devices iPhone and iPad, and then was ported to PCs. Terraria was the other way around, and to be honest is not very playable on phones with the on-screen controls. Speaking of smart devices, you will be happy to know that Junk Jack for Android is coming. We don't know when it will be available on the Google Play Store, but it seems like the developers had been focused on the Steam version, and now that has happened, the long denied Android version will actually become a reality.

Buy Junk Jack for PC for Rs 479 from Steam $14.99 (in the U.S). It works on Windows, Mac and Linux

As part of the launch celebration, the original game Junk Jack Retro is free on the App Store for this week. The game has been renamed with "retro" to differentiate it with Junk Jack X, which has been renamed to just "Junk Jack".