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Get Saints Row 2 for free on Steam and GOG

Saints Row 2, the open world sandbox action game from Deep Silver and Volition, is currently available for free for Windows PC. You can get the game on 2 platforms, Steam and GOG.

Saints Row 2 PC

Steam is good for those who prefer to have all their games in one place, and GOG for those who wish to install it on multiple PCs, thanks to the DRM-Free factor. But why not het the game on both?

Get Saints Row 2 for free on Steam

1. Visit the game’s Steam page or search for Saints Row 2 in your Steam Client.

2. Add the install game button. You don’t have to install it right away, just clicking the button will add the game to your library permanently, and you can download it anytime you want to.

Saints Row 2 PC Steam Free

Get Saints Row 2 for free on GOG

a. Visit the home page of GOG, and you will see a banner which says Saints Row 2 and has a “Get for free” button.

b. Click on it, and the game will be added to your GOG account.

Saints Row 2 PC GOG

Saints Row 2 is free for a limited time only, until Monday 10 AM PST to be precise.

The rest of the Saints Row games are on sale on both stores, should you wish to collect them all. Saints Row 2 is a fairly old-ish game, and should run fine on most potatoes.