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Get Lego The Hobbit free from Humble Bundle, and Full Throttle Remastered free from GOG

Want a Lego The Hobbit free Steam key? Humble Bundle is giving away the game for a limited time.

Get Lego The Hobbit free from Humble Bundle
The Lego Hobbit is an open world game, and features blocky graphics like the Lego movies. It is kinda cute, but the story follows the actual movie (The Hobbit).  It isn't a very serious game though, and includes a ton of jokes, like the other Lego games.

The only drawback is that The Lego Hobbit is not complete in terms of the story. Content from the last Hobbit movie, Battle of the Five Armies, never made it to the game. If that sounds okay to you, the game should keep you entertained.

How to get Lego The Hobbit free from Humble Bundle:

1. Visit the game's page on the Humble Store.

2. Click on "Get the game" button. You will be prompted to login to your account.

3. Opt-in to the Humble Bundle newsletter subscription. This is mandatory, though you can opt-out of it after getting the game.

4. Confirm the order for free, and you should get an email about the same.

5. Go to your keys page on the website, and you should see your Lego The Hobbit free key.

Copy it and paste it in your Steam client by navigating to ADD A GAME (on the bottom left corner) > Activate a Product on Steam.


If you are at work and need to activate the Steam key from your browser, use this URL.

Paste the key you got from your Humble Bundle account, and it will be added to your Steam Library permanently.

Word of advice: Redeem the game ASAP. That's because the key will expire on December 20th (10:00 AM PST). You can download the game whenever you want.

Get Full Throttle Remastered free from GOG

To get the classic point-and-click adventure game, you need to login to your GOG account. Then, visit this page. Click on the Get it Free button, and your Full Throttle Remastered free copy will be added to your GOG library. You can download and play the game anytime you want to, but the promo expires in about 30 hours, so we advice getting it ASAP.Get Full Throttle Remastered free from GOG

Note: Do check to link your Steam account to the DRM-Free store. Doing so, will allow you to redeem free copies of some of the games on GOG.