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Project Spartan Browser will be available in the next preview build of Windows 10

Microsoft showcased it’s Project Spartan browser, at the Windows 10 event, back in January.

Spartan Browser Windows 10

Kevin Gallo, the company’s technical lead for Windows universal apps, said that the new browser will be available in the next preview build of Windows 10.

The browser will also be available for Windows Phones, as Gallo demonstrated the new browser on his phone, at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

While he demoed some Universal apps for Windows on his laptop, he also offered a clue to the next build number of Windows 10. It is possible that the next release of the preview could be Windows 10 Build 10026. The current version of the Technical Preview is Windows 10 Build 9926, and was released in January.

Julia White, the Microsoft Office Product manager, spoke to The Verge, and said that the company will be rolling out the next build of Windows 10 to testers, this month.

Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 640 and 640 XL yesterday at the MWC 2015.