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Microsoft is building a new browser called Spartan, for Windows 10

Microsoft will be releasing a new web browser for its upcoming Operating system, Windows 10.


ZDNet says the browser has the codename Spartan, and is being built from scratch.

This doesn’t mean that Windows 10 will not have Internet Explorer, it will have IE 11 along side Spartan. Spartan is supposedly light weight and uses Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine. It will have a modern UI like that of Firefox and Chrome., and also support add-ons (extensions). Spartan will be available on all Windows 10 devices including Phones and Tablets.

Microsoft’s decision to ship two browsers for Windows 10 (Spartan and IE 11), instead of Internet Explorer 12, could potentially give the company a boost in the browser wars, which has seen a huge decline in the usage of IE over the past decade, especially since Google came up with Chrome. ZDNet also suggests that Spartan might be ported to other platforms such as Android and iOS.

Microsoft may officially unveil Spartan at the Windows 10 event, scheduled for January 21, in Redmond. However, it is uncertain if the new browser may make an appearance at the event, as it isn’t fully functional yet.