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Mozilla releases stable version of FireFox 26 for Windows, Linux, & Mac OS X

Mozilla have released the final version of FireFox 26 for all the three operating systems, on to their FTP servers.

Mozilla releases stable version of FireFox 26 for Windows, Linux, & Mac OS X 

Besides improving page load times, the major changes in this version are, the inclusion of Support for MP3 decoding on Windows XP and Support for H.264 on Linux (for gstreamer plug-ins)

Here is the full official change-log for FireFox 26:

All plug-ins, with the exception of recent Flash plug-ins, are defaulted to 'click to play'

Password manager now supports script-generated password fields

Updates can now be performed by Windows users without write permissions to Firefox install directory (requires Mozilla Maintenance Service)

Support for H.264 on Linux if the appropriate gstreamer plug-ins are installed

Support for MP3 decoding on Windows XP, completing MP3 support across Windows OS versions

CSP implementation now supports multiple policies, including the case of both an enforced and Report-Only policy, per the spec

Social API now supports Social Bookmarking for multiple providers through its SocialMarks functionality (see MDN docs)

There is no longer a prompt when websites use appcache

Support for the CSS image orientation property

New App Manager allows you to deploy and debug HTML5 webapps on Firefox OS phones and the Firefox OS Simulator

IndexedDB can now be used as a "optimistic" storage area so it doesn't require any prompts and data is stored in a pool with LRU eviction policy, in short temporary storage

When displaying a standalone image, Firefox matches the EXIF orientation information contained within the JPEG image (298619)

Improved page load times due to no longer decoding images that aren't visible (847223)

AudioToolbox MP3 backend for OSX (914479)

    • Mozilla haven’t announced the update officially, but you can get the latest version from the link below.

Download Mozilla Firefox 26 Final.