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MozBackup – Backup your Mozilla products and postbox

When you format your system and reinstall or install new operating system, one of the main concern is the backup of your browser profile, emails etc. MozBackup is a simple free utility which can backup and restore the data from the following applicat... [More]

Firefox 30 brings a new sidebar, support for GStreamer

Mozilla have updated their Firefox browser to version 30 on all supported platforms today. The update adds three new features to the browser: Sidebars button in browser chrome enables faster access to social, bookmark, & history sidebars ... [More]

Firefox 29 released with new design and menu

Mozilla announced the latest version of Firefox browser. The version 29 includes a new Menu , Curved tabs. The new tab design looks similar to chrome. The Menu is moved to the right side and the menu can be customized as you wish. The menu customizat... [More]