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Michael Jackson’s ‘A Place With No Name’ music video premieres exclusively on Twitter

The pop icon passed away 5 years ago, but his music still rules.

Michael Jackson XSCAPE - Aplace With No Name

Fans of Michael Jackson will be thrilled to see a new music video of “The King of Pop”.

The video is called, ‘A place with no name’, and is part of the legend’s posthumous album, XSCAPE, which was released earlier this year. The video contains never-before-seen footage of the pop star.

You can watch the video exclusively at Twitter.

The video is 4 minutes and 13 seconds long, and starts in Black and White, and switches to colour in the 3rd minute.

The above tweet was posted from MJ’s twitter account, and has garnered over 34,000 Retweets and Favorites, from users. According to the stats, over 1.4 Million users watched the video when it was debuted on the social networking website.

Twitter announced that in the past year, MJ was mentioned in over 6.4 million tweets. They also posted an that shows a snapshot of the Global conversation of tweets about MJ’s hit songs.

Michael Jackson Top Tweeted Songs

Legends don’t die, they live on in our memories.

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