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Greenify -Android Hibernate app, Now supports Unrooted Devices




Greenify, the Android application that helps you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation, have now started supporting unrooted phones as well. This app is a must for all Android users who do care about battery consumption and want a smooth experience.


The v2.0 of Greenify, updated January 12, 2014, now supports all those devices which are not rooted. With v2.0 a new mode “non-root working mode” is included to manually hibernate the apps. The need to manually hibernate comes due to privilege restriction because the device is not rooted.


A shortcut (widget) called "Hibernate All" can be created from main menu in Greenify to manually hibernate the apps on non-rooted devices.


Should in case you have a rooted device, Greenify will automatically hibernate the apps that you are not using.


The new version 2.0 also brings improvements such as auto-hibernate stability especially on Android 4.4+ devices and experimental feature "Block on-going notification abuse".


In case you are new to Greenify, please do check the video below (courtesy XDA-Developers) which talks about the application, its uses and functionality.




So head over to the Google Play and get started to save your battery and go green.


PS: In case you are unable to get the app from Google Play, you can also get the same from here.