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Facebook shuts email service, will reroute emails to your Inbox

Facebook has announced that it will be shutting their email service and will reroute emails to the user’s regular inbox.

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The email service which was launched in 2010, had low user numbers, and hence the shut down.

However this could mean that anyone can send emails to [your username], aka be prepared for incoming spam. To address this concern, Facebook will be imposing a limit on the number of messages a person can receive in their inbox from people they're not connected to. In addition to this, they have spam filtering systems in place.

Facebook will also be adding an option to turn off email forwarding, when the update rolls out in a few weeks.

It is a little too late, but Facebook did learn that it cannot compete with the likes of email service giants like Google’s Gmail, Outlook and of course good ol’ Yahoo.

via: Mashable and Softpedia