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Microsoft Send, an email based messaging platform.

Microsoft ‘Garage’ has launched Microsoft Send, an innovative email based messaging service. Microsoft ‘Garage’ is an incubator where ideas are born and implemented, but they are small ones unlike the huge Microsoft business products.   So Sen... [More]

Outlook Aliases–hide your email addresses from spammers

When you subscribe some newsletters, register some shopping websites, you may find difficulty with the marketing emails, spam etc. So what is the solution ? disposable email addresses. Earlier we have posted about Yahoo Address Guard (disposable emai... [More]

Gmail Let you to send Email to anyone

Google is introducing a new feature which will allow you to email someone where you will not have to know the email address. Regarding this feature, I would like to post How you can stop any one mailing you. You Can go to your Gmail Settings and Fi... [More]

Virus Alert - Notice to appear in court

  I just received a mail with subject “Court notification N#9456” and  the following content Notice to appear in court, Please take notice that you have to come to the hearing of your case that will be held in the Court of N... [More]