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Android Rooting Guide – Take Complete Control of your Phone





Approximately 1.5 billion people own a Smartphone today.


As much as time consuming is deciding on a Smartphone or tablet, as is Rooting your device to unleash the actual- yet hidden power of it.


You must have stumbled across the term “Rooting” and quickly dismissed it as some tech mumbo-jumbo. Why, because you have already spent a good amount of time and money on buying the device, and having left nothing (time as well as money) to spare, to mess around with a perfectly good Smartphone that can handle almost everything you throw at it.


In this thought process you actually allow yourself to be tied up with limited use of the Smartphone, plus a bunch of unwanted / junk apps installed either by your provider or the device manufacturer.


Here is a small list of things you have to forgo, should in case you are taking the unrooted way.

1. Backup of the device
2. Infinite customizations
3. Removal of bloat, junk and unwanted apps
4. Increase of battery life
5. Get latest Android updates
6. Create a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot
7. Boost phone speed
8. Automate things to ease your life
9. Get rid of advertisements
10. Own the device for which you paid



So how do you go about rooting?

Don't worry. Thanks for Geekiest-Tradepub association, we now have an eGuide available to you. This guide will help you understand and provide step-by-step guidance to help you root your device successfully.


So, get the "Rooting Guide" here and take control of your device once and for all.


Happy Rooting!!