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[Review] dodocool Lightning Earphones with Mic & Remote Control for iPhone and iPad

Proud owner of a shiny iPad or iPhone? Looking for a good pair of lightning earphones? Well, thanks to Apple for skipping the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, 7Plus, 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X, there have been a lot of direct lightning to lightning earphones available in the market.

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Here we are with the review of dodocool [Apple MFi Certified] Lightning Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with Mic & Remote Control for iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ X/ 7. And yes it works with iPads too, we tested it with the Apple iPad 2017 [9.7-inch] to make sure it does.Dodocool lightning headphones review

Disclaimer: We were given the headphones for free from the manufacturer. This does not affect our opinion in anyway.

This are my first Lightning earphones, so it was a bit new to me. I hate wireless headphones like the Air Buds. As a long time user of wired 3.5mm headphones, I was expecting a downgrade in the audio quality, before I used the dodocool lightning earphones. And, boy was I wrong.

Technical Specifications
Sound Pressure Sensitivity: 91 dB +/- 4 dB @ 1mW/1kHz
Quantization Bit Rate: Max. 24 Bit
Input Voltage: 3.3V
Earphone Output: Max. 30 mW + 30 mW ( 32 ohm - 1% THD )

Audio Quality:

I did not notice any difference in the audio quality between my regular earphones (a basshead set), and the dodocool. But when I used the BAS button, the difference was literally day and night. The dodocool earphones delivers a much clearer, and crisper audio, even for music genres (and games) which don’t have bass in the audio. I think it was the 24-bit digital audio which worked the magic, but it was much louder. In fact the audio quality was so good and loud, that I had to turn down the volume to prevent too much noise. I strongly advice not to play audio at high volumes on these earphones for two reasons: you could damage your ear (hearing loss) and the audio can be heard so loudly that it will disturb others around you. The noise cancelation or noise isolation, was superb. I couldn’t hear any outside noise even in loud environments.

The right earphone cable has the multifunctional button and microphone attached to it. It is light and doesn’t pull the right earphone out of your ear. The multifunctional button enables you to play/pause, go to previous/next track as well as answer / end / decline calls. A 3 second push activates Siri on an iPhone.

Build Quality:

The cable of the dodocool Lightning Earphones is quite long, to be precise it is 4.9ft / 1.5m. This was a bit too much for me for to handle, and I had to wind it a bit during regular use.

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But the cable is strong and hence durable. The metal used for the remote and buttons are made of aluminum, which is sturdy and gives a nice glossy look. The earbuds themselves have an ergonomical design to fit in your ear, without causing any discomfort. There are three sets of different sizes of earbuds in the box, including regular in-ear buds. So you can use any of the available options.The earphones are [Apple MFi Certified, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

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Remote Buttons:

There are 5 buttons on the dodocool Lightning Earphones, which is very rare for any earphones. 4 of these buttons are housed in a rectangular metal box-like remote, which are used for controlling the audio play back. Dodocool lightning headphones review 7

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The – and + buttons are used to decrease or increase the volume of the device which you have connected the earphones in to. The Play/Pause button is actually multifunctional. A single press will pause the audio playback or resume it, a double tap can be used to go to the next audio track in your playlist, while a triple press will jump back to the previous track. These controls actually works regardless of the app or game which is currently in focus, i.e., let’s say you have Apple Music playing your playlist, and you are browsing the web, or texting on an IM, or playing a game, the remote functions will still work for controlling the music. You can press the button for three seconds to activate Siri. It can also be used to answer or reject calls (like the call button)

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The fourth button on the dodocool Lightning Earphones, is BAS, as in the BASS Booster. This is what makes the earphones different from normal ones. Use this button to get a deeper sounding bass and you will agree what a great pair of earphones these are.

And last but not the least, is the call control button, which has a built-in microphone sitting next to it. You can hold the microphone part of the cable close to your mouth for speaking in to it. The button allows you to answer (1 tap) or reject calls (double tap) when a call arrives. It can also be used to play, pause,jump tracks and activate Siri like the play and pause button.


The dodocool [Apple MFi Certified] Lightning Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with Mic & Remote Control for iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ X/ 7 has been priced at $30.99 at Amazon, and it is well worth the money.The reason it is slightly expensive than common earphones, is because it is certified by Apple, and that means no compromise on the quality.

It is compatible with the following devices: iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Pro / iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad (4th generation) / iPad mini 4 / mini 3 / mini 2 / mini / iPod touch (5th, 6th generation).

The dodocool Lightning Earphones are available in 4 colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Gray and Silver.


  • Sturdy build, good design and nice colors
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • BASS boost button is amazing
  • Very loud volume
  • Remote buttons are great
  • Good pricing
  • Three sets of earbuds
  • Great Noise Cancellatiion


The cord is a bit too long for my liking.
You may want a carry case to store the headphones safely away.