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Microsoft Send, an email based messaging platform.

Microsoft ‘Garage’ has launched Microsoft Send, an innovative email based messaging service. Microsoft ‘Garage’ is an incubator where ideas are born and implemented, but they are small ones unlike the huge Microsoft business products.



So Send leverages on the existing email backend system and uses it as a messaging system. Send can be used to message any contact who has an email ID even though he may not have the Send app. In Send, you do not have a subject or any greetings line. Just the email body. You directly start typing your message and its done. It also collects email from your sent box to make it appear as if a chat conversation is going on.

Microsoft came up with this brilliant idea as it wanted to leverage the existing email network. It also removes the hassle of subjects, and the formality associate with emails allowing for quick communication. This app can work with any email system, but currently only supports the Office 365 users. Currently the app is available for iOS only. Windows and Android apps to follow.

I do not know how come iOS app is available before all. This app is actually called an app called Flow which has been renamed to Send. Flow was an internal project Microsoft was working on.

Download the iOS app from here:-