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Virus Alert - Notice to appear in court

Careful - Notice to appear in court


I just received a mail with subject “Court notification N#9456” and  the following content

Notice to appear in court,
Please take notice that you have to come to the hearing
of your case that will be held in the Court of New York on January 17, 2014.
The subject of the hearing "illegal use of software".
Your attendance is required.
You may find the detailed pretrial notice attached to this letter,
you are highly recommended to study it thoroughly in advance.
Recording secretary,
Eric Dejesus

and also with an attachment When I scanned that file here is the screenshot

 Court notification Spam

So after removing the threats , there are no files inside the zip file. So when ever you find an email attachment (especially exe or compressed format), please do scan with a properly updated antivirus.