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Outlook Aliases–hide your email addresses from spammers


When you subscribe some newsletters, register some shopping websites, you may find difficulty with the marketing emails, spam etc. So what is the solution ? disposable email addresses. Earlier we have posted about Yahoo Address Guard (disposable email address) which offers disposable email addresses. Also Yahoo is giving an alternative email address Yahoo Extra email address.

Now you can create email aliases on outlook.

To create an alias email

Open Settings

outlook settings

Select Create an Outlook Alias

menu outlook

Select an alias name (choose domain too)

create new outlook alias

Choose an option to add the mails to a new folder or to the existing inbox

Add new alias

You can change the primary email address or edit/delete an alias later.

Manage outlook Aliases

So create a tough to guess email address to set as password recovery email. create a different one which you can delete later to subscribe newsletters etc.