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Winamp sold to online radio service Radionomy

AOL have apparently sold Winamp and Shoutcast to Belgian company Radionomy.

Winamp Classic Skin

Radionomy is an online radio service which has over 6000 radio stations.

This deal is something out of the blue. Everyone were expecting Microsoft to buy Winamp after multiple sources, including one of AOL’s blog, Techcrunch reported that the Redmond company had made a bid for Winamp.

The rumour became more secretive, and later there was talk of “negotiations with an undisclosed buyer”. When the December 19th deadline had passed, the Winamp website survived.

Recently, a member of Winamp’s forums discovered that while Winamp’s website was still accessible, the nameservers of the website were redirecting to Radionomy.

Here is a screenshot of the Whois page of

Winamp Nameserver

This may be proof that the acquisition has already taken place.

Despite this, Winamp. com still carries the message that the music player and it’s services will be discontinued.

Maybe they are waiting for the monetary part of the deal to be finalized, and/or are transferring their services to Radionomy.

We are still awaiting for an official announcement on this from both parties.

source: Techcrunch