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VLC for Windows 8 released at the Windows Store

VideoLAN have officially released the Windows 8 version of their popular video player, VLC.

VLC for Windows 8 App

The major difference between the regular version and the Windows 8 version is the UI, which looks similar to other Windows 8 apps.

VLC for Windows 8

Despite the app’s page stating that it requires Windows 8.1 to run, the app also has support for Windows 8. But it does not run as well on it, like it does on 8.1.  This is because the app is a port of the Windows RT version. But, unfortunately there is no RT version available as of yet.

The app description says that the supported processors are x86 and x64, and that the app can play all video and music (including MKV and FLAC).

Limitations in the beta version include instability, subtitles support, audio issues, playlists and lack of hardware acceleration.

If you think you can live with that, you can download VLC for Windows 8 for free from the Windows Store.

An update addressing the audio issues, is expected to be released later this week.

via: WinBeta and VLC blog.