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Two websites to get Google AdSense account approved

You may be applied for a Google AdSense account and may got rejected, Or you don't have a domain for applying or your domain is not a six month old one, here is a method to get a Google AdSense account with out much effort. Using this method you can get a Google AdSense account 99%.

1. indyarocks

This website is offering revenue sharing. You can register an account with indyarocks. After login to indyarocks click on the Earn button


You can see "Make Money Online through AdSense" and click the "Check Eligibility" to see what are the things you need to do before applying.


You need to complete your profile, Upload at least 10 photos, and have at least 2 Blog posts after doing all these, the check eligibility button will change to "Start Earning", Read the next page and click Next. On the next page Select No, if you don't have an AdSense account and enter the email address and click Next.

They will share the income from the ads showing on your profile/Videos/Blogs/Photos etc. you can see my profile here -

You will receive and email from Google with a link, fill the details and wait to get your account to be verified and activated.

2. DocStoc


Similar to the Indyarocks, this site also shares revenue. This site will allow you to upload documents and share it. One thing you need to care is that you must use an email address which you have not tried to get a Google  AdSense Account.

1. Just select "I'd like to set up an AdSense account" Enter email address and Click submit

2. Just enter the login details for docStoc

3. And check the email from Google , fill the values and wait to get approved.

My friends used them and got approved, So you can have a try and share your experience.