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The World Cup final recorded 32.1 Million Tweets and 280 million Facebook interactions

If you are a football fan, you will be aware that Germany defeated Argentina in the final, to win their 4th World Cup on July 14th, in Brazil.

World Cup 2014 Final - Total Number of Tweets

But did you know about the 32. Million Tweets, which Twitter witnessed during the Final match of the Tournament?

If you think that is a World record, sadly you are mistaken. The semifinal match between Germany and Brazil, which saw the hosts losing 7-1 in a dreadful encounter, produced 35.6 Million Tweets.

Midfielder Christoph Kramer, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, and the goal scoring hero Mario Götze were the most mentioned players for the World Champions.

Talismanic skipper Lionel Messi, the hardworking anchorman Javier Mascherano, and Striker Gonzalo Higuain were the most mentioned players for the runner-ups.

World Cup Final - Most Mentioned Players Twitter

The timeline graph shows the peak moments of activity on Twitter, with Götze’s goal generating 556,449 TPM (Tweets Per Minute), and the end of the match seeing 618,725 TPM.

World Cup Final - Peak Moments Timeline Twitter

Twitter also posted a heatmap, which shows the activity of Tweets from around the Globe, during the match.

(Note: The map is rather resource intensive, and may freeze your browser for a few seconds)

This isn’t the first time Twitter went crazy about a sport. Remember the Super Bowl 48? It saw 24.9 million tweets too.

Meanwhile, Facebook also saw it’s usage statistics rise, with 88 Million people involved in 280 million Facebook interactions (posts, comments, and likes).

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