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The Expendables 3 leaks online, weeks ahead of it’s Global release

Last month, we reported about the official trailer for The Expendables 3.

Expendables 3

Today, we are sad to report that the movie has been leaked online, even before it has been released in theatres.

We came across a report which suggested that, a DVD quality copy of  “The Expendables 3”, has been leaked online. It was believed to be available in file sharing and torrent websites.

Struck with disbelief, we decided to check this, and it appears it is true. I was able find dozens of uploads on a popular torrent website. Out of my curiosity, I visited the IMDB page for the movie, and found several threads on it, discussing about the leaked version, which apparently is available on YouTube as well.

What was even more surprising than the leak was, the negative reviews on both IMDB and on the Torrent websites we checked. Still, it is no reason to download or watch the leaked version.

Geekiest does not support or encourage piracy of any form, as it is an illegal activity. So, we advise our readers to be patient, and watch the movie in theatres.

The Expendables 3 has a star studded cast, here is the list of the actors along with the names of the characters they play in the movie:

Sylvester Stallone – as Barney Ross
Jason Statham – as Lee Christmas
Dolph Lundgren – as Gunner Jensen
Jet Li – as Yin Yang
Randy Couture – as Toll Road
Terry Crews – as Hale Caesar
Arnold Schwarzenegger – as Trench.
Mel Gibson - as Conrad Stonebanks
Harrison Ford – as Max Drummer
Wesley Snipes – as Doc
Kelsey Grammer – as Bonaparte
Antonio Banderas – as Galgo
Kellan Lutz – as Smilee
Ronda Rousey – as Luna
Victor Ortiz – as Mars
Glen Powell �� as Thorn

The Expendables 3, is set to hit theatres WorldWide on August 15th. But ridiculously enough, the movie will be released in India a week later, on August 22. The people behind the release of the movie in India, believe that it may not do well if it was released on the same day, as Tamil actor Suriya’s “Anjaan”.

They claim that it would affect revenues of both movies, and instead chose to release TE3 on August 22nd.

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