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Sting’s WWE debut, The Scorpion lays the Death Drop on Triple H

The unbelievable just happened!

Sting's WWE Debut

The legendary wrestler Sting, made his debut in a WWE ring today at Survivor Series.

Sting’s iconic history:

WWE had acquired the rights to their arch nemesis WCW, back in 2001. The WWF as the World Wrestling Entertainment was formerly known as, had adopted several strategies from WCW. From Monday Night RAW vs  Monday Nitro, WCW Thunder vs Smackdown, it was a heated battle between the two companies. The controversial stable Degeneration X aka D-X (featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac), was a blatant copy of the NWO (New World Order featuring Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, etc).

WCW began to fade away during the WWF’s Attitude Era, and many stars jumped ship to the WWF. It was then that Eric Bischoff was fired, leading to the acquisition of WCW. The franchise became successful, except they couldn’t recreate the magic which captivated the fans of WC. A legend, an icon who terrorized the NWO, a man who made stunning appearances like swinging down the rafters with his baseball bat, and adopted The Crow as his theme music. Fans were craving for his appearance in the ring, and his name was Sting.

On July 7th 2014, a video teaser was aired on RAW to promote the pre-order of the game, WWE 2K15. Fans who pre-ordered the game would get a special bonus gift, a playable character of Sting. Check out the crowd’s reaction to the announcement,

This led to speculation about Sting’s WWE debut. To add further spice to the speculations, Sting made a surprise appearance at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International, in a press conference.

The magic finally happened, as Sting debuted in the WWE on November 23rd, at Survivor series. He interfered in a match between Team Cena and Team Authority and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop on Triple H.

Sting and Triple H WWE

Sting’s attack on Triple H suggests that the two icons will go one on one in what should be a legendary match.

Media Credits: WWE

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