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PlayStation Plus could include PlayStation Now with PS4 update 5.0

Sony could be hiding a real surprise for gamers with the upcoming PS4 update 5.0. The Play Station Store now has a new banner in the PlayStation Plus section, which is advertising PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Plus with PS Now
As you know PlayStation Now, was updated earlier this month to allow gamers to stream PS4 games, in addition to PS3 games.

Sony hiked the prices of PlayStation Plus subscriptions on a global scale recently, which will come into effect from 31st August 2017.

The Indian prices for PS+ are as follows:

  • Annually, the price will change from Rs 3,999.00 to Rs 4,439.00 per annum.
  • Quarterly, the price will change from Rs 1,599.00 to Rs 1,869.00 per quarter.
  • Monthly, the price will change from Rs 576.00 to Rs 599.00 per month.

The yearly subscription offers the best value for money as it costs just Rs.370/month, (up from Rs. 333).

These new prices could include access to the PS Now service.  Sony plans to release a beta of Update 5.0 in early August, and a question in the survey asks the user if they are a PS Now subscriber. This is a clear hint about the services being offered in a single package, and adding fuel to the fire, Tidux, an insider with a reputed PlayStation leak history says that there will be 2 PS4 games, 2 PS Now and 2 Movies every month.

We are just wondering if this essentially means the launch of PlayStation Now in India as well. Red Dead Redemption anyone?

Anyway, we should know soon whether PlayStation Plus could include PlayStation Now with PS4.

via: PSU