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Samsung announces Level Audio Portfolio - with three premium headphones and a Bluetooth Speaker

Samsung has announced some new audio products in their lineup under the brand name, Samsung Level.

Level Over White (1)

These are premium products, and include a pair of Over Ear, a pair of On the Ear, a pair of In-The-Ear headphones, and a Bluetooth Speaker.

All four devices are compatible with smartphones and tablets, with the headphones having a standard 3.5 mm jack.

Samsung Level Over

The Samsung Level Over (pictured above), is the most expensive of the lot, and offers a Wireless audio experience using Bluetooth technology. It uses four mics on the inside and outside of the headphones, for Active Noice cancellation.

It uses Smart Control Technology on the side of the headphones, which allows users to control the volume, music playback, and answer/end calls

Samsung Level On

Level On White (1)

The Samsung Level On is slightly smaller, and is an On-ear headphone. It comes  with a detachable audio cable with a mic and remote controller, for portability.

Samsung Level In

Level In Black (2)

The Level In is an In-the-ear headphone, which is the most common type we come across. It uses a 3-way speaker system  for controlling treble, mid-range and deep bass.

Samsung Level Box:

The Samsung Level Box is a bluetooth speaker that is capable of pairing with any Bluetooth compatibile device.

Level Box Black (1)

It comes with a built in rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 15 hours of playback. Additionally, it can also use NFC to sync with devices. You can adjust the volume and control music playback, using the buttons on the speaker. It also has a built in microphone, which can be used for calls.


Level Over - $349.99

Level On - $179.99

Level In - $149.99

Level Box - $169.99.

The Samsung Level Audio devices will be available in the following U.S stores, at the given dates: - July 20 - July 21

Best Buy (select Samsung Experience Shops)- July 27

For a limited time, Gilt is offering the devices on sale for 72 hours, including a bundle for Samsung Level Over + Level Box, for $299.