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Outlook new email service

If you were using Microsoft’s email services like Hotmail or live, Microsoft introduced a new mail service “”. The New email service is having a superb user interface and features. It seems to be better than Gmail.

Few Features

1. comes with free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built-in, plus 7 GB of free cloud storage with SkyDrive for sharing photos, videos, or other large files without huge attachments.

2. Microsoft Outlook includes email storage that expands to provide you with as much storage space as you need. Your inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space.

3. Recover deleted Messages

  • In the left pane of the Outlook window, click the Deleted folder. At the bottom of the window, click recover deleted messages.

    Outlook will recover as many messages as possible and put them in your Deleted folder. If you don't see the deleted messages that you wanted, it means they are permanently lost.

4.  Disposable (Alias) email address

  1. Sign in to Outlook at using your Hotmail account.

  2. Click the Options icon, then click More mail settings.

  3. Under Managing your account, click Create an Outlook alias. You might have to sign in again.

  4. On the Create an email alias page, enter a new username and select a domain name (,, or from the dropdown.

  5. Click Create an alias.

  6. If the address you request is already taken, you’ll be prompted to enter a different address.

  7. Once you’ve found an available address, click Save.

  8. Choose a folder where email sent to the new address will go. The default is your Inbox. Then click Done.

5. Send and receive mail from other email accounts - Read more here

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