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OneDrive - Get 3GB Additional storage space


Earlier we shared a coupon code which gave 20GB additional OneDrive storage for one year (expired). Now this is not any coupon code, this was there earlier too. This will allow you to get 3GB additional storage space on OneDrive.

By default it is 7GB for free accounts

Space before cameraRoll

But Microsoft announced that it is increasing the Free storage space to 15GB, all office 365 subscribers will get 1TB of OneDrive storage and all the other plans are reduced over 70%. for example 100GB was $7.49/month earlier is now just 1.99/month. you can read more. The upgrade will roll out slowly this month, so you will be getting 15GB free storage space from OneDrive.

You need to have a smartphone. I just used my Samsung Galaxy S2 to claim this.

What you will have to do is install the application on your smartphone and enable Camrea Roll (Camera backup). By enabling this the application will upload the camera photos and videos automatically (normally it will use Wi-Fi only, but you can change it to mobile data too if you want) to OneDrive.


One drive before camera roll

After enabling it


space after camera roll

Download the application for your devices from here, just choose the OS and download the application.