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Get 100GB additional OneDrive space for all – No proxy needed

Get 100GB additional OneDrive space for all

Microsoft OneDrive is a Free cloud storage which you can access from almost anywhere. Microsoft is giving 15Gb of free cloud storage space for every one. You will have to pay for the additional space or  by inviting friends or redeeming coupons.

Now here is a golden chance for you to get an additional 100GB cloud storage space for next 2 years absolutely free of cost.

My account have 50 GB of space before this is applied(10 GB loyalty bonus, 5GB referal bonus, and Enthusiast bonus of 20 GB which will expire on 20 February 2015).

Additional 100GB space for all

1. Access the following link (copy and paste to browser)

2. Login if required

3. Allow application ( to access your information


100GB free space

4. That is it you will get 100Gb of additional space for next two years


Free 10GBB space for OneDrive

5. Here is my final storage space

Final 150GB oneDriveAccount Free

Grab this you don’t need to redeem OneDrive code  or invite friends to get this space. Enjoy.