Cloud storage space can be used to store your backup files which will be secure even in case of anything happened to the hard drives. You can also use the space to share files with others too. Zoolz offer two kind of storage, Cold storage and Hot storage. For theRead More →

Earlier we have covered how to get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage (Valid for two years) for free (for all users). If you missed that you can read more here and get that. Now if you are a Dropbox user (or create one for free) you can get another 100GbRead More →

Microsoft has upgraded the amount of storage space, for all users of their cloud storage service, One Drive (formerly SkyDrive), Prior to this, free users had just 7 GB storage space in their OneDrive account. But now users visiting the official webpage of the service are being greeted with theRead More →

Earlier we shared a coupon code which gave 20GB additional OneDrive storage for one year (expired). Now this is not any coupon code, this was there earlier too. This will allow you to get 3GB additional storage space on OneDrive. By default it is 7GB for free accounts But MicrosoftRead More →