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Microsoft released Age of Empires Game online version Beta


AOE is one of my favorite strategy game. I have played all the versions of this game. Microsoft released an online version of this game (Beta).

In this approachable online real-time strategy game, you will create, command, and control your own constantly evolving empire as you gather forces to either conquer or cooperate with neighboring civilizations. Whether you're conquering enemy civilizations, teaming up with your neighbors to beat back the barbarian hordes, or building a thriving economy where your citizens live in the lap of luxury, you’ll be the guiding spirit in the evolution of an ancient civilization.

System Requirements:

A Windows Experience Index score of 3.0 or higher or

At least a 2 gigahertz CPU

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

128 MB video card

1 gigabyte (GB) total system RAM (2 GB is recommended for best performance)\

3 GB of hard drive space

An Internet connection capable of downloading large (500 MB–2 GB) builds of the game


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